Seed Digging Training Program

Learn the strategies to help children (and adults) move from “surviving to thriving” and find emotional healing that lasts!




Parents, Teachers, Nurses, School Counselors, Mental Health Professionals, Behavior Providers/Specialists, Mental Health Paraprofessionals, and Life Coaches can learn the simple yet powerful strategies of Seed Digging that will help children (and adults) find emotional healing. You will also learn how to empower individuals to use Seed Digging and find healing on their own.



Help Them Thrive

Help people overcome emotional problems and addictions that are keeping them from truly enjoying life!

Connect to the "heart"

You'll learn how “speak” to the heart of individuals of every age, regardless of emotional or mental health issues.

Understand Them

You will learn how to see individuals through the eyes of unconditional acceptance & love.

All in a Flexible & Friendly Online Learning Environment

School districts, agencies, and individuals can help children and adults with mental health issues & addictions move from surviving to thriving. Professional Counselors, Mental Health Professionals and School Counselors can learn the Seed Digging technique and empower individuals to overcome emotional and behavioral issues & addictions.

The Seed Digging Training Programs aim to help you see and respond to individuals through a lens of unconditional  acceptance and love. The programs will equip with with strategies to help others see themselves through this same lens--ultimately creating a strong inner foundation of self-confidence.

What is Seeding Digging?

Seed Digging is a compassionate counseling approach that blends numerous counseling models and techniques into a simple language of a garden to help people understand how their thoughts directly impact their emotions, behaviors, mental & physical health.

Seed Digging teaches that thoughts are like tiny seeds that get planted in a garden. Positive thoughts plant happy seeds within the mind; negative thoughts plant sad seeds instead. As these "seeds" are watered, flowers or weeds will grow. The flowers and weeds represent actions that will either produce happiness and peace or problems in one's life.

Seed Digging training programs will not only help you understand how the "garden of the heart" operates, but will also give you tools to help children and adults discover their true "self". It will give you a new set of eyes and help you look past the "weeds" to see the beautiful garden that can be restored.

In addition, the programs teach simple steps to help people replace sad seeds in their own minds with happy seeds that will continuously produce flowers. Each level of training provides appropriate strategies for the participant and is beneficial for all areas of life--personally and professionally.

At the PRO training level, you will discover how to help individuals with addictions and mental health disorders be in charge of their own minds by increasing self-confidence & learning strategies to combat negative thought patterns. In addition, they learn how to slow down their internal stress response system through deep breathing, visualization, & mindfulness.

Seed Digging ultimately equips and trains you to put these strategies in the hands of individuals so they can learn how to continuously combat intense emotions & behaviors on their own.

The Seed Digging approach is very powerful because it uses exposure therapy to go beyond pruning the bush or only "managing" symptoms. It recognizes that the symptoms are key to finding the problem and then uprooting negative beliefs within the mind.

Seed Digging has been used in multiple school districts, colleges and universities, mental health agencies, and other organizations who serve children and adults.

Who's this program for?

Parents, Teachers, Nurses, Behavior Providers/Specialists, Life Coaches, and Mental Health Paraprofessionals

When you learn the basic strategies of Seed Digging, you will help children (and adults) move from "surviving to thriving" and grow at their greatest potential.

You will also learn how to "see" children at the core of who they are and understand why they do the things that they do. You will learn what drives behaviors and how to identify and meet the "need behind the deed".

With a few simple words and actions, you will help children discover who they really are and gain a strong self-confidence that will become the foundation for emotional and academic success.

Professional Development and CE Credits

All programs provide a minimum of 6 hours of professional development/CE credits for the Seed Digging training and provide you with tools to equip and empower others to emotionally heal!

*Please check with your licensing board to make sure your license is eligible for CEs provided.

School Counselors and Mental Health Professionals can learn the 1-on-1 Technique and become Certified!

Through a flexible training format and evergreen program model with videos, materials, and great resources, you'll receive 6+ hours of online CE hours. You have the option of joining our "Practicum Experience" class which gives you a great support system, hands-on learning, live calls, and an official Seed Digging certification!


There are currently 3 Training Level Options


Most effective for upper middle school, high school, and college students

Now Available!

In alignment with social-emotional learning strategies as defined by CASEL:

  • self-awareness
  • self-management
  • responsible decision making
  • relationship skills
  • social awareness and empathy


*for teachers, parents, and caregivers


  • Identify and meet the "need behind the deed"
  • Become a "child whisperer" and speak to the heart of individuals
  • Apply creative strategies and empower children and adults to move from "surviving to thriving"

    *BONUS Includes: 3 Books for you (the original Seed Digging Book, Teacher's book, Children's book, and Garden kit) & 6 hours of Professional Development hours/CE hours


*for nurses, behavior providers, life coaches, and others who serve in the "helping profession"  

Everything in the Basics Level Plus ...

  • 4 + Additional Training Videos
  • The Seed Digging Technique ParaPRO Guide  
  • More Creative Strategies to use 1-on-1 with children and adults

  • Identify specific strategies to use with children and adults to increase self-confidence so that emotional healing can be sustained. 
  • Apply the Seed Digging ParaPRO Guide with both children and adults 
  • Identify ways to help children and adults stop self-defeating thought patterns so that emotional healing can be maintained
  • Assist a Seed Digging Professional by using the ParaPRO Guide to help individuals maintain emotional healing 

*Includes: Books, Worksheets, PDF's, 12+ lessons, 6 hours of CE hours 


*for professional counselors, mental health professionals and licensed school counselors

Everything in the BASICS Program Plus ...

  • 3 Additional Modules
  • Exercises you can do with children, using a sand tray, puppets and other specific creative strategies
  • Creative strategies for teens and adults 
  • What to do if you get stuck 
  • Concepts of the "child within"
  • Optional Practicum Experience and Certification


  • Identify specific strategies to increase self-confidence with clients so that emotional healing can be sustained
  • Apply the Seed Digging Technique with children and adults
  • Apply the Seed Digging Technique through creative strategies

*Includes: Books, Worksheets, PDF's, 14 lessons, 6 + CE credits, (optional) 10 Hours of Live Calls to attend so you can practice and share + Certification once all required work is completed. 

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Shawna Burns

Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor-Clinical Supervisor, PsyD Doctoral Candidate & Creator of the Seed Digging Technique.

I've been working with children and adults for the past 16 years and have written 4 books and mini curriculums to help others learn how to overcome mental health issues and addictions, as well as spoken at numerous conferences (state and national), colleges and universities, school districts, & mental health agencies.

It's my true passion to help people, especially children, discover who they really are and find lasting inner healing and peace.

The powerful concepts of Seed Digging are something that personally transformed my life and helped me overcome horrific eating disorders and depression that I battled for 13 years. Because of that inner healing experience, I have devoted my life to helping children and others learn that they can also overcome emotional and behavioral struggles &  addictions.


Results That Work!

In the past decade, we have seen both children and adults with extreme mental health issues and addictions completely overcome their diagnoses. We have numerous documented cases and testimonials from clients who found inner emotional healing through a Seed Digging session & continue to remain symptom free. 


The Benefits of Seed Digging


Within the PRO training program, you will see guest appearances from mental health professionals and interns who have used Seed Digging in creative, unique ways!

"I could share many stories of how Seed Digging has changed my patients' lives but it also has personally, permanently changed mine. "

Karen Appleget, LPC, LADAC, TF-CBT, CPT
Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, Trauma-Focused CBT Therapist, Child Parent Psycho-Therapist

"During my internship I was able to use Seed Digging with many students and witnessed them not only emotionally heal but also overcome serious drug and alcohol addictions. Seed Digging changes lives through "unconditional love" and not just medicine"

Kristy Dawson, MPC, SDP
Masters in Professional Counseling, Seed Digging Professional

"One of the wonderful things about Seed Digging is how compatible and adaptable it is to all different theories of counseling."

Stephen Powers, MS, SDP
Masters of Science in Psychology with emphasis on psychometrics, Seed Digging Professional

"Through Seed Digging, I assisted a teenager who experienced hallucinations and chronic suicidal thoughts (resulting from complex trauma) heal; she no longer hallucinates nor hears the voices that almost caused her to end her life."

Brandon Martin, LPC, LADAC, TF-CBT, SDP
Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor, Trauma-Focused Therapist, Seed Digging Professional


*for large agencies and school districts wanting to certify several staff members at once, please email [email protected] for a discounted quote*




Learn how to manage emotions and behaviors, build self-esteem and improve relationships.

Targeted for upper middle school, high school, and college.

11 brief, training videos

1 Seed Digging Student Journal

Seed Digging t-shirt

Group Discussion Prompts

Program may be leased for larger groups or classrooms on a weekly or monthly basis.

Please email [email protected]ย for rates


SEED DIGGING BASICS for Teachers & Parents


Learn the basics to helping anyone (8 Lessons)

2 Books

1 Children's Book

Curriculum Kit  

6 hours PD Hours/CEs (if applicable)


SEED DIGGING ParaPRO for Nurses, Behavior Providers, Coaches


Everything in the basic level PLUS:

4 Additional Training Videos
The Seed Digging Technique
ParaPRO Training Guide  
More Creative Strategies to use 1-on-1 with children and adults


SEED DIGGING PRO for Professional Counselors, Mental Health Professionals, and School Counselors


1 Payment of $999

Everything in the BASIC level PLUS:

3 MODULES, 14 + Lessons

1 Seed Digging Technique Guide 

1 Seed Digging Sand Tray Guide


1 Certification upon completion

Certification Level

SEED DIGGING PRO for Professional Counselors, Mental Health Professionals, and School Counselors


3 Payments of $349.00

Everything in the BASIC level PLUS:

3 MODULES, 14 + Lessons

1 Seed Digging Technique Guide 

1 Seed Digging Sand Tray Guide


1 Certification upon completion

Certification Level

Please be Advised of our Disclaimer:

*Seed Digging Basics and ParaPRO Training Programs are open to anyone who wants to learn about the basic concepts and strategies of Seed Digging to help individuals emotionally grow and thrive. Individual results will vary. These programs are not a substitute for mental health therapy nor psychiatry services. The Seed Digging Training Program is to be used in conjunction with mental health professional services and/or psychiatry services for any individual who struggles with mental health issues, disorders, or addictions. Always call 911 if you have an emergency.

Please make sure CE Credits and Professional Developmental Hours are applicable toward your license or certification within your state before purchasing the program.


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